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  • Canada
Why Canada is an immigrant magnet?

Canada is known to be the land of immigration so there must be something really intriguing about it.

Canada is planning to welcome 1 million immigrants by 2020.

The Canadian Govt. and the canadians are very supportive towards their new immigrants as it will add upon to their economy.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2002 (IRPA) in Canada regulates the immigration to Canada. This act has a high-level of regulatory framework and the detailed guidelines set with respect to immigration.

The constantly growing economy ensures job security for most of the population.

Canada is one of the least corrupted nations in America.

It offers a wide range of professions to choose from.

Canadian Govt. spends a lot of money in the educational area to provide the best training and in-class tutoring to the students.

Family benefits, low crime rates, most attractive healthcare system.

Also, Canada immigration rules aren’t rocket science. They are much easier in comparison to other countries to qualify than you imagine.

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