Types of Germany Immigration Visas to Apply

Tourist or visitor visa: This is a visa for people those who want to travel to Germany for sightseeing or visiting family or friends.

Job seeker visa: If you are planning to go to Germany and look for a job, this is the visa for which you have to apply. It is also known as a jobs visa.

Working visa: If you have already got a job in Germany, this is the visa you need.

Business visa: If you have business related work in Germany for more than 90 days in 6 months you can apply for this visa.

Training or internship visa: This is a visa for people from third-world countries to attend training or an internship in Germany.

Medical treatment visa: If you have an illness and wish to seek treatment in Germany then this visa is for you.

Family Reunion Visa to Join a Relative or a Partner – This is a visa for family members of German residents, who wish to join them in Germany.

Studying & Language Learning Visa – This visa is for people who wish to enter the country with the sole purpose of attending a language course or to continue their studies at an educational institution in Germany.

Airport Transit Visa – This visa is required for a very limited number of third-world nationals, that need to pass through one of the German airports in their way to their final destination.

Guest Scientist Visa – This visa is for scientists or researchers who have been invited by an institution to carry out a study or research.

Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa – People who are planning to participate in a trade fair or exhibition.

Visa for Cultural, Film Crew, Sports, and Religious Event Purpose – People who are planning to enter Germany, under the purpose of participating at a Cultural, Sports, and Religious event or as part of a Film Crew.



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