Germany Visa

Germany is one of the leading nations in Europe as well as across the world concerning economic vigor, prosperity, social welfare, environmental standards, rule of right, democratic standards and personal freedom. So due to the same reason, Germany’s immigration had been a continuous growth, and steadily spreading influence.

Germany is witnessing the demographic change, and companies are inviting applications and looking for young talents. A new law on the immigration of skilled workers has come into force in 2020. It has been designed to attract qualified foreigners to Germany.

Getting a good payable job and immigrating to a new country is dealt with a lot of difficulties and has enormous amounts of paperwork and still giving limited success. Often the papers required are not easy to clear out, and even one minor mistake can result in the rejection of your visa application. That is why it is always an excellent idea to consult an expert, and Ridge Migration is the best. We help you with all the paperwork and our teams of expert consultants are highly dedicated to assisting people to immigrate and find the most suitable employment in Germany.

Germany is scandalously known for the huge amount of paperwork included in every procedure. Hence, the immigration procedure is quite lengthy and requires immigrants to go through many forms, applications and to attach various documents. To make things smooth on yourself, you can contact us. Our visa agents will help you with paperwork, followed by our personalized approach which enabled us to become a leading German immigration consultancy. Each client is provided with as much personal consultancy as they require. Also, all our German immigration agents are well certified. The process of getting a visa can be strenuous, prolonged, stressful and perplexing. It can also be expensive. We understand that it’s not just a holiday tour but a big life decision and some aim and dreams are involved in it. So we make the process of immigration as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. 

If you want to live and work in the economic engine of the European Union, then Germany can be one of the best destinations for you. The country has the least youth unemployment rate and one of the leading manufacturing sectors. Students can easily get enrolled in the universities of Germany which provides the best facilities and education. Further, the vocational courses in Germany are world-renowned and instead of wasting away time, students will be able to perfect a skill or two.

In considering jobs, Germany has strict labor laws that protect the rights of workers. The total working time in offices is less than that of the UK and the US. Workers are at liberty to get maternity and paternity leaves. Maternity leave of 14 weeks is granted at 100% pay. Germany’s healthcare industry and social welfare programs are of the highest standards. Health insurance is an obligatory thing for all citizens and permanent residents.

Further, communities are closely woven and cherish various festivals throughout the year with togetherness and harmony. Also, Germany is a secular country and enables you to freely practice your religion and tradition according to your beliefs. Germany immigration programs, to the least, look at the following arguments before granting a visa or permanent residency:

  • Financial Stability of the Individual
  • Valid Health and Travel Insurance
  • Adequate Language Proficiency
  • No previous Criminal records
  • Familiarity with German culture and lifestyle

Germany Basic Entry Requirements

Germany is one of the founders of the idea behind the borderless travel area of Schengen. Any EU national visiting to Germany just needs to carry an identification document with them.

Whereas, on the other hand, non-EU travelers showing up at the German port of entry requirements to show the following, to be allowed to enter Germany:

  • A passport or travel document issued within the last 10 years and valid for at least three more months beyond their planned date of exit from Germany.
  • A valid visa.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay in Germany.      
  • A round-trip ticket to Germany and back.



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