Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Yukon is one of the smallest territories of Canada, although it can beat the gloriousness of the biggest city. Whitehorse is the territory’s capital which is a unique urban center with easily reached amenities and robust infrastructure. While its location is quite remote and the population is less in numbers. Whitehorse maintains a community-minded, friendly, small-town feel and at the same time gets benefited from recent investments in public services and new upcoming business ventures.

If you are fascinated to live and work in Yukon, the Yukon PNP Program is the best option for you. Yukon is among Canada’s fastest-growing provinces with cities such as Whitehorse developing at a fast pace. Job opportunities in the province are an attractive aspect for many overseas workers seeking stable, long term employment. This province is ideal for people who love nature.

Successful applicants applying through PNP will receive a Yukon Provincial Nominee Certificate, which will speed-up you’re Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process. There are different Yukon Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), under which you can apply: 

  • Yukon Canada Express Entry
  • Business Program
  • Skilled Worker Program

Why choose Yukon to immigrate?

This secluded territory is often ignored by people who are wondering about where to start their new life in Canada. However, its low population could provide you exactly with what you have been looking for, the opportunity that you are looking for. Employers are keen to welcome skilled, talented, creative workers and Yukon immigration authorities are vigorously probing to support new businesses ideas and entrepreneurs that can boost the economy and enrich the community. While everyone else is struggling to get into provinces like Ontario or BC, there’s a much smoother route to Canadian permanent residence may be through an overlooked program like the Yukon Nominee Program.

Work in Yukon

The Yukon Nominee Program allows the Government of Yukon to recommend potential immigrants across nations for Canadian Permanent Residency who can willingly contribute to the territory’s economic and labor market growth. To qualify work permit and residency through YNP, applicants must meet given minimum requirements for the Skilled Worker Program or the Business Program.

 Yukon Skilled Worker Program

 This program is formulated to help Yukon employers recruit deserving and skilled immigrants to fill vacant positions and work with them. This stream is further divided two streams to this: 

  • Skilled Worker
  • Critical Impact Worker.

 Eligibility criteria for two of the streams are somewhat similar, however, for the Skilled Worker Program, the applicant must have a permanent full-time job offer from any Yukon employer into a higher-skilled occupation, whereas Critical Impact Worker is designed to bring in workers to fill job openings within the lower-skilled occupations.

 The applicants must have the minimum required education, training, work experience, and accreditation for the position that they are being offered and must pose sufficient language skills to communicate at the workplace. Applicants must have sufficient financial or settlement supports. They cannot be refugee claimants.

Yukon Business Program

Yukon Business Program is another highly preferred program for immigration which is again diverged into two streams: 

Entrepreneur and Self-Employed– 

Entrepreneurs or business owners need to submit a business plan of their new business, their purchase of any existing business, or their investment as a managing partner of an existing business to get through requirements of this program.

 Applicants must have adequate language skills and educational qualifications and enough experience to implement the business plan. They must assure the requirements for personal net worth and minimum investment in the business.

Self-Employment category-

The Self-Employed category is intended for professional workers who can provide services considered as “in-demand” in the Yukon province. The applicant’s profession must be listed among those identified as ‘professional skill’ in the Yukon. 

A candidate must have sufficient education, work experience, licensing and accreditation of professional skills, and the language skills obligatory to execute their business plans.



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