What defines Express Entry

Express Entry is a set up to invite and process applications across the world who aim to immigrate to Canada and eventually get hold of Canadian permanent residence. Express Entry system is used to process immigration applications under various programs that supports people who want to come to Canada.

Individuals or families athwart the globe can grab the chance to immigrate to one of the most preferred, hub of opportunities, experiential country with many leading companies and study options with world class facilities. If you dream it and you deserve it, you can now easily skip to Canada within just few months through this excellent program ‘Express Entry’ immigration selection system. 

The numbers of applications are recorded with great hike, since 2017-2019 performance scale and surveys shows. So, it is understood that the 2019-2021 batch of Canada Immigration will go much higher than previous years and the number of new permanent residents admitted through Express Entry over the coming years is set to increase.

Check your eligibility for Express Entry

Now you can easily determine and compare whether you are eligible enough to apply under the Express Entry System. Though, the process is a complex one as it goes through under various other calculations as well, so it become a little perplexing, but there are sure short ways out to this also.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Express Entry is a system to manage applications for permanent residence under few immigration programs. The economic immigration programs include the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canada Experience Class.

The requirements for eligibility may vary depending through what program you wish to apply for the same. At the base level candidates have to achieve minimum score in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Here points are awarded on the basis of age, education, language ability, certifications, and Canadian and non-Canadian work experience and other factors also.

Basic Requirements

Express Entry system is potentially used to systematize and precede applications for permanent residence through three different programs. A candidate must meet the eligibility requirements of one of these three programs to be able to apply through Express Entry.

  • Federal skilled worker(FSW) 
  • Federal skilled trades (FST)
  • Canadian experience class (CEC)

The programs contain quite a few common requirements in all of them which make the information easy and feasible for interested applicants.

Some basic requirements to be fulfilled before applying are-

Skill Level:  Applicant must have some or the other skilled work experience in any field. The Canadian government uses the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system to evaluate the skill type and check the level of various types of employment. In the NOC database, any position at skill level 0, A, or B, qualifies as skilled work experience.

Work Experience- The programs under Express Entry are highly considered for applicants who have work experience. The candidates must encompass a minimum of 12-months of full-time skilled work experience, or an equivalent amount in part time. Although, the three programs has more specific guidelines but the work experience requirement is mainstream. 

Language Requirement- All programs within Express Entry system require a certain scale of proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages, i.e., English or French. While the level of proficiency required varies between programs, candidates for all programs will be required to submit recent results from an approved language test.

Basic Admissibility: Applicants accepted through Express Entry programs must meet Canada’s basic admissibility requirements for permanent residents. This includes ensuring that applicants do not have any previous criminal records, backgrounds or any critical medical issues.

How Express Entry applications proceeds

Step 1:

Candidates who are eligible for the Express Entry program can complete online profile which will include various details such as skills, language ability, education and previous work experience, and others. Applicants who meet the criteria of the Federal Economic immigration programs under Express Entry will then be sorted into a pool of eligible individuals. These individuals will be ranked according to admissible factors and the highest ranking candidates, along with those who have qualifying offers of employment or provincial/territorial nominations, will receive a formal invitation to apply for permanent residency.

This effective and conscious process allows the country to pick the preeminent possible candidates who are likely to enlighten the country with their skills and values. Aspirants, who do not have a valid job offer or provincial/territorial nomination, can sign up to the Governments of Canada’s Jobs Bank, to seek for best available and suitable employment options. Eligible employers will need to obtain a Labour Market impact Assessment via Employment and Social Development Canada for permanent residence applications. There is no guarantee that candidates who fill out an Express Entry profile will be invited to apply for permanent residence, as this will mainly be determined by their ranking and the other factors mentioned above (offer of employment, provincial/territorial nomination).

Step 2: 

Those ranking highly in the pool (based on skills, experience, eligible job offers and relevant nominations where applicable) will then be invited to apply for permanent residency, and will have a total of 60 days to submit their electronic application. Online applications will be required to submit through one of the programs running in Express entry.

Candidates who have applied for the Express Entry program but who are not invited to apply for permanent residency, they can resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool, provided they are still eligible for the program. This is to prevent backlogs and allow for quicker processing and turnaround times. According to CIC, the Express Entry will allow faster and well-organized immigration services to skilled immigrants. The program will also facilitate to the Canadian Government to act in response quicker to Canada’s sprouting economic conditions and changing priorities, and will increase flexibility.

How long the Express Entry process takes

Express Entry is a system designed to provide prompt immigrations to Canada. For eligible candidates who receive an invitation to apply (ITA) after entering the pool they can submit a complete application form to process further which may take approx. six months, or even less. However, there could be cases which may lead to the extension of duration of processing period. Few can be as followed:  

  • While some candidates are invited soon after entering the Express Entry pool, other candidates, depending on their CRS score and CRS cut-off thresholds in Express Entry draws, may only receive ITA months later, or not at all.
  • Some invited candidates may be ready to apply for immigration to Canada soon after being invited, while others may need more of the 60 days allotted. 
  • While IRCC aims to process applications within six months, some applications may take longer, and decisions on other applications may take less than six months.

Comprehensive Ranking System

EXPRESS ENTRY scheme launched in 2015, by Canada, is for processing applications to most federal economic immigration programs. All available programs under the Express Entry system are very competitive. Immigration candidates are ranked according to various factors against one another and people achieving highest-ranking candidates are selected to become Canadian permanent residents.

CRS is used to rank immigration applicants. The Canadian government constructed a merit-based points system which assigns individual scores to candidates who applied for Express Entry pool. This points system is called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

 Express entry manages three programs:

  • Federal skilled worker(FSW) 
  • Federal skilled trades (FST)
  • Canadian experience class (CEC)

There are number of aspects which are judged through the applications and notable points are allotted to each candidate. Below mentioned are those referent factors and points according to criteria.

Major factors calculated are;

  1. Core/ human capital factors

This envisage other basic sub sects as, your age, level of education, your official language proficiency score, Canadian work experience. This score is leveled up if you apply with spouse and gets so much better while the calculations. Maximum points out of which you will be marked are 460, with a spouse and 500 without spouse.

  1. Spouse/ common law partner factors

It includes level of education of individuals, spouse’s official language proficiency, and spouse’s Canadian work experience. Maximum points at this factor are 40.

  1. Skill transferability factors

It includes education level, foreign work experience and Certificate of qualification. Maximum score is 100 for transferability factors.

  1. Additional points

It includes already residing sibling in Canada, French language skills (if any), post secondary education done from Canada, arranged employment there or any PN Nomination. These multiple factors are calculated on maximum score of 600 in total.  

So, the maximum score you can be awarded for the Express Entry application through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is 1200 points.

How to improve CRS score?

You can always improve your CRS scores for better chances to get selected. Here below mentioned are some significant methods for increasing the CRS score.

  • Retake Language Tests
  • Job offer
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Spousal Factors
  • Level of Education
  • Work Experience

There are a variety of factors that may influence the CRS cut-off score, such as:

  • The number of applications;
  • The frequency of draws;
  • New candidates entering the pool; and
  • Changes in the CRS scores of existing candidates, whose scores may increase or decrease depending on their circumstances.



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