Saskatchewan immigration Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is located in the prairie region of Canada. The province shares its borders by Alberta from the west, Manitoba from the eastside, and Northwest Territories to the north, and the US states of Montana and North Dakota from the south. It’s the only province that has no natural borders. Above and beyond Saskatchewan is still an attractive destination of Canada, as it’s the most “sunniest” province as compared to others. The intrinsically striking natural wonders of this place such as plunging canyons and elevated cliffs, Saskatchewan’s landscape offers diverse & magnanimous views and thus we do not have an iota of a doubt why it’s being a highly chosen province for immigrants.

Why you should choose Saskatchewan to settle?

Saskatchewan maintains an assorted and active immigration program to respond and support its growth and empirical development. The programs are designed to deal with different labor market needs.

With the budding economy, vibrant city life, a strong educational system, and plenty of space to adore and live at, Saskatchewan territory might even provide you with a prosperous new home for you and your family. Besides, Saskatchewan’s economic growth is among the highest of all provinces, as the agricultural and mining industries rebound. Employers from Saskatchewan province are actively looking for skilled and enthusiastic workers in various sectors, as well as others including education, healthcare, engineering, and more.

How to Apply

If you a candidate planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan to work and settle, then you must apply under a suitable and appropriate program category and that is the SINP International Skilled Worker program. The program is exclusively based on the points system and authorities select the right candidates or immigrants based on the Saskatchewan immigration required scores. One needs to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100, to apply under a SINP International Skilled Worker (ISW) sub-category.

Some aspects are evaluated to determine whether you qualify for the program or not. You submit a few imperative personal documents that are used to assess your skills, education qualification, language ability and proficiency, past work experience and other factors. And those points that you attain through the Saskatchewan immigration (SINP) point calculator will decide about your fate to settle in Saskatchewan. 

However, Saskatchewan immigration Nominee Program is the entryway to your dreams to get settled in Saskatchewan province. The program allows only qualified candidates to apply for permanent residency under PNP via the province of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has acknowledged several areas of labor shortage in the province, and so looks for the same, talented newcomers from around the world, as well as temporary foreign workers in Saskatchewan, to fill these positions. If you work in any of the occupations enlisted on the province’s ‘In-Demand’ Occupation List, or if you are currently working in Saskatchewan, there may be a sub-category for you.

  • The International Skilled Worker category, further categorized; 
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry 
  • Saskatchewan Occupations in-Demand.
  • The Saskatchewan Experience category.



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