Refugee Status – Canada Visa

The Canadian government offers refugees protection to people in Canada who fear persecution or any kind of danger if they had to leave or dangers like

  • torture
  • the risk to their life
  • risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

If someone feels they could face one of these risks while going back to their home country or the country where they belong, then they can get the protection in Canada as a refugee.

To apply for refugee status in Canada, one can choose either way i.e.,

  • At one of the refugee offices 
  • At a port of entry 

Applying at Office

A person has to apply at an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office. You can follow up the procedure to apply for refugee;

  • Complete all required application forms,
  • Bring them to an IRCC office that accepts refugee claims.
  • One of the immigration officers will ensure that the application is complete. If it is, they
  • schedule an interview
  • give an acknowledgment of claim letter
  • Give a few instructions to complete your immigration medical examination.

At the interview, they’ll review your application thoroughly and decide if you’re eligible to claim refugee status or not. If you’re eligible, they give you a confirmation of a referral letter that confirms your claim to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada.

Apply at a port of entry

A person can apply for refugee status at any port of entry whenever she/he arrives in Canada. This includes an airport, seaport or land border.

An applicant will be given the ‘application package’ if they don’t already have it.

If the officer confirms your refugee claim, the officer will give you a Confirmation of Referral letter and a Basis of Claim forms to complete those.



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