Ontario Nominee Program

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP), or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), offers an extensive variety of job opportunities to skilled workers, graduates from oversees universities, budding entrepreneurs, businessmen and productive professionals from various domains to immigrate to Ontario province. There are differently designed programs and their distinct criteria and eligibility to be fulfilled to get through it and attain permanent resident.

All you need to know about Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is considered as Canada’s most supporting province in financial, cultural, political and social aspects. It is one of the admired destinations for the immigrant seeking to settle in Canada. This Canadian province is home to many people immigrating from across the world, contributing to the culture and diversity of Canada, thus it is also considered as the most immigrant-friendly region that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

The Ontario PNP is paramount for candidates who pose specific professional skills and relevant work experience in any domain. The program offers tremendous opportunities to those foreign skilled workers who fulfill the eligibility criteria and requirements of different industries based in Ontario. 

Provincial Nominee Program is considered one of the easiest ways to get your Canadian immigration. Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is authorized by the government with the assistance of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The government aims to help the province in meeting its requirements of the labor market and economic development. The applications are accepted through different categories, candidates apply by choosing the best suitable category. There are four major categories in Ontario PNP:

  1. Ontario Express Entry
  2. Ontario General Category
  3. International Student Category
  4. Business Category

Application Process 

The process is not so complicated or jargoned, it’s constructive and easy. Candidates applying should have a permanent, full-time job offer in a skilled occupation (NOC levels 0, A, or B) from any Ontario based employer. The employer also needs to provide you with an application approved by Opportunities Ontario. And the offer should remain valid till the time of approval/processing of the employee’s application.

An applicant should have a minimum qualification and proofs like certification/diploma which makes them eligible to apply for the specific job. Professional experience is also a necessary element in the applied field as per the requirement of the program. Candidates should also have an ‘Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Score approx. 400 points or more and this score should be maintained throughout provincial and federal processing.



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