Nova Scotia Immigration

Nova Scotia is abode to some of the most glorious, marvelous and splendid coastal experiences in North America. This peaceful and naturalist province of Canada is one of the most preferred destinations of many immigrants coming from all over the world. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Nova Scotia, enables individuals with professional skills and relevant experience obligatory by the province requirements to receive a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate. Nova Scotia has different immigration categories to invite applications from across the world. 

The NSNP accepts applications under the following immigration streams:

  • Nova Scotia Demand: express entry
  • Nova Scotia experience: express entry
  • Nova Scotia labor Market priorities for Physicians
  • Nova Scotia labor Market priorities
  • Skilled worker 
  • Entrepreneur stream 
  • Occupation in demand 
  • Physician stream 
  • International graduate entrepreneur

Out of the above-mentioned streams, some are more important and functional in the applications; people fall in those few categories more than the others. Some of those streams are;

Skilled Worker Stream

The Nova Scotia provincial nominee program includes ‘Skilled Worker Stream’ provides a Canadian immigration pathway to foreign nationals with the required skills for positions that the province has not been able to fill with a permanent resident or Canadian citizen. The Skilled Worker Stream is not an Express Entry-linked Stream, which means foreign nationals can apply for Canadian permanent residence even if they are not eligible to enter the federal Express Entry pool. 

The Skilled Worker stream helps Nova Scotia employers to enroll and hire overseas skilled workers and international graduates with considerable skills in companies. Skilled worker stream of Nova Scotia PNP is for individuals who have a job offer in their hands from any Nova Scotia employer. Into this category, the further grouping is done to differentiate classes of workers such as, 

· Workers in skilled, 

· Semi-skilled, 

· Low-skilled.

Occupation in Demand 

Nova Scotia’s Occupation in Demand Stream is a three-year pilot for candidates who have an eligible job offer at a targeted intermediate-skilled occupation. This employment type is introduced in May 2019, the Occupation in Demand Stream is used to appoint workers who belong to occupations which are “in high labor demand” in Nova Scotia for Canadian permanent residence.

Occupations targeted through this stream are subject to change at any time if authorities instruct, as it depends on labor market needs in the province.

The specific stream is open to eligible candidates who have a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer lying under two occupations, which are measured as ‘Skill Level C’ under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC):

  • NOC 3413 — Nurses aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  • NOC 7511 — Transport truck drivers.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Nova Scotia demand express entry of PNP is associated with the federal government’s Express Entry Immigration selection system. This stream is particularly for highly skilled individuals with post-secondary qualifications and also, those who exhibit their ability to contribute individually in the economic growth of Nova Scotia.

There are two types under the Nova Scotia Demand express entry stream:

  • Arranged Employment in Nova Scotia

This category requires candidates who have arranged a job offer supported by a positive Labor market impact assessment, a Nova Scotia employer. The job type must define in the 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type/Level 0, A, or B.  Further, the job offer must be full-time employment that lasts for a minimum of one year after becoming a permanent resident.

  • Paid Work Experience in an Opportunity Occupation

This category consists of at least one year of continuous full-time experience or equally in part-time paid work experience in the last six years in specified opportunity occupations that includes in this type. 

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

It is another best & most chosen stream for the Nova Scotia PNP that uses the federal government’s Express Entry Immigration selection system. This stream provides an individual to attain the permanent resident who is a highly-skilled applicant and has worked for an employer in Nova Scotia for a minimum of one year. Candidates applying to Nova Scotia express entry must also be eligible to enter the federal Express Entry pool via one of the three federal economic immigration programs that are:

  • Federal skilled worker 
  • Federal skilled trades 
  • Canadian experience class.



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