Manitoba PNP – Canada Visa

Planning to settle in Canada is every second person’s wish. This has become very much possible for many people if they have some skills and desirable minimum education qualification according to the criteria. Manitoba, a delightful province of Canada, also welcomes thousands of newcomers in the province every year.

Since the program has been first launched in 1998, more than 130,000 immigrants to Canada have arrived through the MPNP within the first two decades of the program. Now, Manitoba immigration authorities are ramping up efforts to bring in more newcomers over the years ahead.

The MPNP underwent significant changes in 2018 that continued into 2019 as well. The changes included the introduction of different immigration streams and pathways that differentiates various categories of immigrations for students, workers, business immigrants, etc. 

Skilled Worker stream in Manitoba

Under the Skilled Worker stream, applications are accepted from qualified foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job. In the MPNP Skilled Workers category, the applications are not subject to any points-based assessment to determine their eligibility. Candidates only need to meet the minimum necessities to be entered into the Expression of Interest pool where they will be ranked according to some favorable factors.

Manitoba immigration authorities are also inviting candidates to apply to the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream through other new pathways.

·      Manitoba work experience pathway  

The Manitoba Work Experience Pathway of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program targets skilled temporary workers and graduates of Manitoba who wish to get permanently settled in Manitoba as permanent residents.

·       Employer Direct recruitment Pathway 

The Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway targets skilled workers from overseas those who expertise in any required field in Manitoba province.

Before You Reach

If you’re planning or thinking to settle in Manitoba province you must do the homework that is needed to do all the things at ease and with no hastening. 

Right after completion of application forms and other formalities, you need to focus on Pre-arrival formalities. These services are free of cost and can be very supportive in preparing to work or live in Manitoba.

They offer information and guidance on various areas like:

  • understanding life in there
  • how to find a job and work in Canada
  • accessing other free settlement services

This support also includes:

  • online information and reading material
  • overseas orientation workshops
  • counseling and advice through in-person meetings or online
  • online videos, classes, workshops and chat rooms

Next, you have to prepare for your job search and work in Manitoba. If you may already have a job arranged before you move to Manitoba then its’ well, but if not then you might be planning to find work after you arrive. You much learn as much as you can about the labor market and job trends in Manitoba to find a suitable one. Research hard for your occupation or the industries that you are interested in.

Also, make yourself prepare to live in Manitoba. Another most important part is to find yourself a new home to live in. There is much that you can research ahead of time about the facilities, available services, culture & people of Manitoba, its climate and geographical awareness and many other things that you should know off about where you’re going to start a new life.

Things to keep in mind After you arrive

Get registered for newcomer supports services available then to youThere are many immigrant services to help you learn more about the labor market and employment options and to support you to settle down in a new community.

When you arrive in Manitoba, look for an immigrant settlement service agency nearby you. As it is a necessary part of your settlement and for you to find meaningful employment and a successful settlement plan. 

Through this centralized registration, your needs will be assessed by the staff and you will be referred to different employment supports and newcomer services in your community to get you connected with ample people and services.

Other significant steps to follow

A newcomer must apply for a Social insurance number to work in the province freely. Apply for Manitoba health card for you and your family members (if applied) to get access to health care facilities. 



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